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Protects coloured hair from up to 87% less breakage during technical services.*

  • Suitable for all types of coloured hair
  • Hair feels smoother, softer & up to 2x shinier**
  • Luxurious foaming texture & fresh citrus scent

How many times a day do you hear your clients complaining of the negative effects their water has on their hair: dryness, breakage, dullness of colour and lack of shine?


Backed by 7 years of research and 7 patents*, L’Oréal scientists worked hand in hand with hairdressers around the world to create Metal Detox. Research found that copper metals absorbed into the hair can cause a higher risk of breakage and unpredictable colour results during the colouring service.


Metal Detox is a haircare innovation powered by Glicoamine. The patented technology helps to neutralize (de-activate) these excess copper metals in the hair, helping to prevent them from interfering with the colouring process. This award-winning shampoo is the second step in our Metal Detox service which can be used on your client’s hair after the Metal Detox Pre-Treatment Spray and then followed by the mask for the best results. This shampoo was awarded best shampoo for coloured hair in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2021.


This sulphate-free shampoo has a luxurious foaming texture and citrus scent.




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