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CENTRED Tender Love & Hair

CENTRED Tender Love & Hair

£28.35 Regular Price
£25.52Sale Price

Unlock the power of 'The Inside Out Method™?' with our Tender Love & Hair Supplements, and watch as your hair transformation begins. Crafted for efficacy and infused with nature's finest, each capsule is a potent mix of Bamboo Silica for unparalleled strength, Amino Acids for foundational structure, and Seaweed for that essential marine extract boost. Consider it a feast for your follicles, designed to nourish from within Here’s what the journey you’ll embark on with our supplements looks like: Week 2: Buckle up, as you start to feel an energy boost that will put a spring in your step. Month 1: Your nails step up their game, getting stronger and shinier day by day. Month 3: Roots feel thicker and fuller, making every day a good hair day. (60 caps)

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